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Boyan Filipov - CEO filipov kgMy name is Boyan Filipov, i am a freelance consulstant and web developer based out of Vienna Austria. I specialise in online IT services, mostly dynamic websites and CRM solutions, crowdfunging systems and large databases optimisation. Most of my projects are managed by my partners, but in some cases i do consulting or implementation for end clients.


I was born on 04 of February 1979 in Sofia, Bulgaria. After living in Moscow Russia for 5 years till age of 8, i have finished a Mathematics-oriented secondary school, and enrolled for a Bachelor of Mathematics and Informatics at the Sofia University. Eventually a headhunter outsourcing for Austria found me and this is how my career started back in 1999. Eventually I got married, moved to Vienna Austria, and have three kids. Currently I am freelancing, with flexible contracts with a few partners that provide me work, and looking for a bigger challenge.


My work experience is mostly with tools for web development - as a backend language i mostly use php perl and java/javascript, frontend goes to pure JS, JQuery, Kendo UI, I use html 5 and in most cases bootsrap for the website projects. I gained experience in BOT development for telegram and facebook, as well as GIS data handling and visualisation with PostGIS and OpenLayers 3. Database engines in use are mostly MySQL and PostgreSQL, depending on the size and requirements of the project. Sometimes i do the design myself, requiring me to have Photoshop experience as well.


Most smaller websites i do are based on the proprietary loopCMS system developed in partnership with eloops, though i sometimes use WordPress And Drupal as well, 


My current focus is extending my know-how in a useful direction, most notably in the direction of project management and system design, looking for projects where my development skills can be useful and my overall extended know-how in various small to large systems can be put to good use.



dynamic web applications
since 2005


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